Explorer- New Trend Setting Handbag

Our newest handbag is on the worktable. Commissioned specifically for an *online contest as the giveaway prize, its only mention was through a sketch posted on a blog several months ago. Trend setting handbag New trend setting handbag design Explorer handbag Crabtree Gardens Handbags The Kristy Bag by CG
This new handbag design has finally been patterned and will be going into the prototype process shortly. The anticipation is building in our workshop and we want to share the excitement with you! The name chosen for this handbag is the “Explorer”.

Trend setting handbag design The Kristy Bag by CG Exploring new leather handbag designs Veg tanned leather Explorer handbag shiny silver hardware1

Three types of leather in four colors will help to create the prototype of the new “Explorer” handbag created by designer Kristy Lash and leather artisan Dave Crabtree.

Kristy and Dave planned to create a modern bag that would give the look reminiscent of having been taken on a journey long ago. Not quite vintage luggage, but suggestive of it and made to be functional and attractive for contemporary times. The name was also chosen as a clue leading to the answer for the online contest mentioned above.

We are not aware of small handbag manufacturers sharing workroom details about how they develop and manufacture their bags so we are certainly trend setting in this respect.  If they do share, well then we’ve been late getting on that island. 😉

The “Explorer” handbag  is allowing us to develop and explore some interesting, trend setting avenues.

  • Visually, this handbag is unique for The Kristy Bag by CG.
  •  We will be utilizing 3 different types (bridle, milled, pig suede) and 4 colors (dark brown, tan, natural, black) of leather to create this bag.
  • The hardware chosen is a modern twist on a classic style with the spring-loaded, trunk-style-latch front closure in shiny nickel (reminiscent of old suitcases). In addition, the shiny nickel rings and other hardware will reflect tiny glints of light evocative of sunlight reflecting on water.
  • Added to our usual heavy-handed construction (hand-sketched, hand-patterned, hand-cut, hand-punched, hand-stitched), we have journeyed to the tannery to hand-select the leather specifically for this handbag. (Not many bags have that amount of human touch involved in the creation these days.)

And now, for the het stuk de resistance (aka piece de resistance in Dutch) of this post~

The Plan of Manufacture

Main Body-The main body of the bag will be constructed using a dark-brown bridle leather. Bridle is known for its weatherabilty, durability and strength.

Accent Stripes-There will be two strips of a lighter shade of bridle leather accenting the body of the handbag in a double racing stripe pattern. (Reminds me of the stitching pony post, Kristy is cringing now as she reads that 😉 ) It’s actually meant to be suggestive of old luggage, you know, the kind they used two belts to hold together back when wind power was the rage for ocean voyages.

Trend setting handbag design The Kristy Bag by CG Exploring new leather handbag designs Veg tanned leather Explorer handbag style

A lighter tan color bridle leather is stitched with black waxed thread showing a detail of how the double stripes will look on the darker bridle leather lending the “Explorer” its belted look.

Side of Bag-Both sides of the bag will have tall pockets made from the soft, milled, veg tanned leather that we use on our “Raw” handbag line. The light color will patina with sunlight bringing about a gently aged look.

Trend setting handbag design The Kristy Bag by CG Exploring new leather handbag designs Veg tanned leather Explorer handbag shiny silver hardware2

A soft, milled, natural veg tanned leather will create the side pockets on the “Explorer” handbag. This pale color will patina to a soft caramel color rather quickly. This sample is stitched to show the top detail of the pocket against the darker brown, bridle leather body.

Inside-The inside base of the bag will be lined with black pig suede for that “Lining-a-la-Lash” feel. The top inside flap will left unlined so that the natural characteristics of the split side of the leather can be appreciated for its unique mottled appearance each time the bag is opened.

Construction- Saddle stitched with black waxed thread.

Trend setting handbag design The Kristy Bag by CG Exploring new leather handbag designs Veg tanned leather Explorer handbag black pig suede lining

The mottled appearance of the split side (underside) of bridle leather is shown against a sample swatch of saddle-stitched black pig suede lining. The “Explorer” handbag will have a fully-lined inside body but an unlined top flap. This is a unique and trendy design detail allowing the intricacies of the natural leather underside to be seen.

This new “Explorer” handbag will evoke a feeling of two eras, sinuously melded together through the application of thoughtful detail and trend setting design. We are thinking of it as discovery. As we gain momentum we will post photos. We hope you will continue to sail along with us on our handbag journey.

It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish that counts. ~Zig Ziglar

* Additional information about the “Explorer” giveaway will be given on this blog at a later date. Follow the blog Her Way at Crabtree Gardens crabtreegardens.wordpress.com for previous clues to the answer.


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