Dave’s Stuff-New Leather Accessory Line

We’ve been keeping a secret from you but honestly, not on purpose. We have an accessory line that has been in the works and we haven’t been giving it much publication. Kristy has dubbed these accessories “Dave’s Stuff” because most of them were made for guys. Many moons ago we gave a little teaser with our credit card holder that we call “Dave”. It wasn’t named for our Dave, it was named for another Dave, the husband of one of our clients, who requested a small, light-weight credit card holder .Trend setting Handbag The Kristy Bag by CG Crabtree Gardens Handbags dyed leather handbags calf skin color Deep Credit card holder

Our own Dave liked this piece so much that he made one for himself. We’ve been making them by request for a while now. Made from supple leather, they conform to the body and take the shape of the cards. They will be available for order through the website.

The next item in “Dave’s Stuff” is the “Stan” knife sheath. We posted a few photos on Facebook so it’s time to mention it here. Knife Sheath The Kristy Bag by CG Crabtree Gardens5

When Dave had his leather business, “Crabtree Naturals”, back in the day… well, I won’t say the era ;), ornately-tooled knife sheaths and belts were hugely popular with his clientele. This special request was for the classic, leather knife sheath, void of ornamentation. It ended up pleasing our client and now “Stan” will be available through our website.

Trend Setting Handbags and Accessories Knife sheath the kristy bag by CG 1Trend Setting Handbags and Accessories Knife sheath the kristy bag by CG 2

Another accessory that was a custom request is the “Sam” golf scorecard holder.

Sam Golf Scorecard Holder Trend Setting leather accessories The Kristy Bag by CG 1This was commissioned as a gift for a young man who was graduating from high school. His initials were monogrammed along with initials of the college that he would be attending. Made from naked veg tanned leather, it fits nicely in the back pocket. We can do many unique things to customize our products. Visit our website for this item and also check out the Custom Page.Sam Golf Scoreard Holder Trend Setting leather accessories The Kristy Bag by CG

Our “Valet Trays” were spotlighted in a previous post, where we gave a hint that we had some men’s accessories. Actually, any of our accessories can be used by anyone, they aren’t gender specific so we consider them unisex. Those valet trays make great household and office accessories in addition to travel companions. Available at Kristybag.com. Trend Setting Handbags and Accessories leather Valet Trays the kristy bag by CG 1

We must mention the “Tom” guitar strap in “Dave’s Stuff” as well. This was also a commission. It was created from naked veg-tanned leather lined with black pigskin and has a custom-designed, hand-drawn henna option along with monogramming (both customized options). We are offering the “Tom” guitar strap both plain and customized through our website.Trend Setting Handbags and Accessories leather Guitar Strap Henna option the kristy bag by CG

The most recent item in “Dave’s Stuff” is a classy, zippered, leather portfolio that has taken the name “Steve”. This commission is currently on the pattern table and just about ready to be cut. As soon as we can post some progress, we will put it out there.

There are several other new items in the “Kristy” line that we will be bringing to light later this month when the time is just right. Until then, thanks for following us on this exciting handbag journey!


Note: Our leather products are made in America! All of the items that are created by The Kristy Bag by CG are hand-cut, hand-punched, hand-stitched and crafted by us in our workshop in Drums, PA.


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