Customized Handbags

Our newest style handbag, the “Raw Spa Tote is quite a popular style and is currently available with two ways of customization! It’s available as a personalized handbag with custom dyed braided handles in a choice of several available colors and/or with a custom hand drawing of something that appeals to you.These are just a few ways that help us to create even more unique handbags for our clientele and set new trends in handbag design.

Recently, one of our customers who fell in love with Paris while touring France, asked for the Eiffel Tower to be hand-drawn on the corner of her handbag. Kristy came up with some sketches and wallah! The customer was elated. She now has a gorgeous customized leather handbag that no one else in the world has.

Raw tote with Eiffel Tower on leather handbag Trend setting handbag Customization

Another client asked for her braided handles to be dyed to coordinate with the markings on the turquoise beads that are added on the ends of the center ties. We created a blue with some teal undertones and accommodated her wishes. She’s pleased with her new Raw tote bag.

Raw tote with Custom dyed leather handles on leather handbag Trend setting handbag Customization

The soft, heavily-grained leather that is used for this handbag quickly gains a warm, rich patina which gives this bag a relaxed and loved look. The unstructured, self-lined roomy inside offers softness and a sense of luxury to the touch. It’s an everyday bag that can stand up to a busy life and still look polished. We give this handbag several coats of a protective wax so that it repels dirt and has a little shine to it.

The Raw Spa Tote handbag will be available for hands on testing at The Kristy Bag by CG booth located at the 4th Annual Hazleton Rotary Club Wine and Beer Fest held at Genetti’s on Rt. 309 in Hazleton, PA on August 15, 2015 from 4-8 PM.  It makes a great lightweight handbag that stores well for festivals and also for toting wine and beer!

Raw tote Wine Festival handbagTrend setting handbag Customization

Stay tuned for more of our “Raw” Collection handbag creations that are just about ready to be unveiled.

Raw mini tote Trend setting handbag Customization